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Honey Smack HD is out!

2007-09-08 06:07:51 by TXMStudios

First of, I'd just like to say that we finally have a mascot! I've incorporated the panda into various aspects of TXM over the years and I thought I'd just make it official.

After two months of work, Honey Smack HD is finally released. It is the first official animation of Loren & TXM and we just want to thank everyone who has supported us along the way. With each day, the animation process gets easier and we are pumping out new ideas like crazy. Keep your eyes peeled for our next animation short, Barflies!

Thanks to Arvand, Alex, and Caulder especially for helping me with tons of Flash tips!

Sincerely, Kevin Nuut

Honey Smack HD is out!


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