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Vote for Honey Smack HD on Funny or Die

2007-09-11 02:09:11 by TXMStudios

Woah, this has been an awesome day. We just want to thank everyone who has watched our movie. We really appreciate all of the kind comments and we are glad to see other people think like we do. We were starting to get worried we were the freaks. Feel free to hit us up anytime, we'd love to share animation stories and make new friends on Newgrounds!

Next on our line of attack, we want to leave a mark on Funny or Die. You know, the website with Will Ferrell yelling at his baby landlord.

Watch Honey Smack HD on Funny or Die!

Please click FUNNY in the bottom left corner of the film to support us!


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2007-09-12 15:55:46



2007-09-12 16:51:18

I voted five for it, it was pretty funny. Exelent artwork as well, good job!


2007-09-13 02:00:58

make more, that was fucking hilarious


2007-09-13 12:39:32

I dont bloody believe it! I am one of TXM' favourite authors???

whoooooooa!!!!!! THANKS!